Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Myrtle Beach!

The Carolina Comedy Club in Myrtle Beach is one of my absolute favorite clubs. Not only are you right near the beach, but they have some of the best staff I've ever met in my life. A lot of them have become friends over the years, which makes me feel so lucky.

When I was pregnant, I figured it would be no big deal to simply bring the babes with me to my gig, and seeing as my mom and I love to travel together (see some of our trips here, here, and here), I thought I'd ask her to come with as well. Then, she could watch the baby during my shows, and we could adventure during the day.

That's kind of how it went.

We decided to fly down there, and the baby did pretty well on the flight, especially given that we had to wake her up at 2 am to get ready so we could make the 6 am departure. She slept most of the first one, and even dug the three hour lay-over in LaGuardia (since there are no direct flights to Myrtle Beach from Detroit). She was a bit fussy on the second flight, we but not terrible. Shout-out to Spirit Airlines for giving us our own row each time! They might charge for every little thing including carry-ons, but the flight attendants were so nice in giving us an empty row at the back as to not disturb the other passengers.

Made it! After nearly 12 hours of travel on 2 hours of sleep, I arrived!

The shows were tons of fun! I worked with Andrew Rivers, who I hadn't seen since I performed with him in Iowa. I didn't get a picture, unfortunately. But, trust me, he was there.

I also got to see my good buddy, Dennis Bellamy. Not only is he one of my closest friends, but he's also a super hilarious comedian! I first met him when he was open miking, and he has come so far and is kicking royal butt now. Again, I forgot a picture with him, too, but I did take this one of him on stage.

On Friday, one of my good friends from high school and former debate partner's (yep, nerd alert right here) dad came to the show. I had no idea he had moved down to South Carolina, so it was great to catch up with him.

During the day, three generations of Brindles checked out Murrell's Inlet, and we also explored the boardwalk on the beach.

Ocean in the background. Not a bad view, eh?
Debating about whether I need one of these for my house.
Murrell's Inlet.

And what trip would be complete without checking out some local vegan fare? This time, we went to Bombay on the Beach (an excellent Indian buffet) and Kindbelly (this is the tofu scramble there).

On Saturday, we went to the women's march.

Baby's first protest.
So excited to run into these awesome ladies!

We showed up without signs seeing as we flew in and couldn't really fit posterboard in our carry-ons. Luckily, there were several women who gave us signs.

This march was particularly special because 2017's women's march marked two days after I found out I was going to be a mom.

The flights home were pretty uneventful, although definitely exhausting as traveling with a three-month-old just is. When we finally made it back to Michigan, we took a quick trip to Taco Bell, then my bed and I had a lovely reunion.

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