Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Performing in Minnesota and more VLOGGING!

This past weekend, I got to see the new Goonies in Rochester, Minnesota. For a long time, Goonies was one of my favorite clubs. I was so bummed when they closed, but so excited when they reopened!

The drive there was pretty uneventful. The weather and traffic both cooperated. So, yay!

The weekend was super fun. I worked with the hilarious Grant Lyon, and I got to stay in a nice extended stay hotel.

The "just like home" theater at my hotel. I'm pretty sure if it were truly just like home, it would be a 12 inch tv/dvd combo with no access to the internet. 
I didn't take too many pictures, but I did do my second vlog! Forgive my shaky camera and unforgiving light.

The drive home was quite another story. I feel like that's the way it works in the winter: one leg of the drive will be perfect, and then to balance it out, the other way will be the worst, fear-for-your-life weather you've ever experienced.

And that's exactly what happened! It took me five additional hours to make the trek home! I had planned to get home in time for the Super Bowl. Not so much for the game (honestly, I had no idea who was even playing in the darn thing), but I wanted to watch the commercials and half-time show, oh, and eat all of the amazing food Dan whipped up.

But, alas, I had to settle for watching Pink sing the National Anthem on YouTube and eating left-overs. At least I got home in one piece.

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