Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beards, Jacuzzis and Christmas decorations

Last week, I had a Midwestern extravaganza in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. And by 'extravaganza,' I mean, I slept a lot and ate at some rest areas. I kid, I kid. It was actually a lot more fun than that.

I went with Steve Sabo, who was headlining at the clubs we worked. Not only is Steve the headliner, but he's also my friend...and my opponent on an upcoming main card, pay-per-view special (see picture below).

We started off in Wisconsin where we worked at Fanny Hill in Eau Claire. Fanny Hill is a dinner theatre/restaurant/bed and breakfast, and it is definitely one of the coolest places I've stayed. The staff was absolutely wonderful, and the food was delicious, too. The place was decorated for the holidays, and they even played New Kids on the Block's version of "White Christmas" over the loud speaker.

But that's not even the best part! The absolute best was the fact that we both got whirlpools and fireplaces in our hotel rooms. If I'm ever famous, both of those items will definitely be in my rider (along with my dressing room needing to be stocked with both dark chocolate peanut chews and Joey McIntyre).

The show was fun, and we stayed after for a bit to talk to some audience members. I then retired to my hotel room and took a very relaxing soak in the jacuzzi. After I exited the tub, I decided that I might want to take a bath in there in the morning as well. So I made the brilliant decision to keep the water in there, as not to waste it. Do you think the fact that the water would be cold 12 hours later dawned on me? If your answer was, "no," you would be correct.

So, the next morning, after waking up, and sadly draining the tub, we drove to Rochester, Minnesota. We didn't have a show at night, so instead, we occupied our time by eating sushi and giving me a beard with Steve's spray-on hair. I mean, really, what else is there to do at a Motel 6? After taking several pictures, I decided that I don't think a beard really becomes me, and I'm still finding spray-on fibers in my ears since Steve got a little overzealous with the fake hair.

On Friday, we headed down to Cedar Falls, Iowa to perform for two nights at Jokers Comedy Club. Our first stop was KCRR FM in Waterloo, Iowa. We were on the air with the DJ, Corey, for about half an hour to promote the show, and it was so much fun! Corey was really nice, and I got to talk about Michigan (read: make fun of my hometown) and he even asked me some questions about my days working for PETA (read: wanted details about me getting naked on the street corner for a living).

The shows were a blast, too! And after Saturday's show, I got to experience the largest burrito I've ever had in my life when Steve's friends took us to Pablo's Mexican Grill.

So without further adieu, I give you the pictures:

The fantabulous amenities in my Eau Claire hotel room.

Some other pictures from the hotel:

Stealing a drink from a stuffed animal? Truly heartless.

Right before the bear pinched my butt.

The signs backstage.

Steve on stage.

Steve "Sabotage" Sabo vs. Kate "Fluffy" Brindle (AKA what promises to be the MMA pay-per-view event of the century!)

A giant 'Caffeinated Voice of Reason' about to pounce on the Christmas village.

The name of my room.

The morning view from the deck outside of my room.

The outside of Fanny Hill.

Not sure if you can see him, but Santa was driving that car. I had no idea he had a license, which might be why he ended up on the grass.

Motel 6 has room service, which I think is a bit premature. Perhaps they should have added carpet, hair dryers and blankets without blood stains to their list of amenities first.

This is what happens when you stay at a Motel 6 in middle-of-no-where, Minnesota, and your friend just happens to have some extra spray-on hair.

The artist and his spray-on hair masterpiece.

My impression of Jesus.

Vegan Japanese pan-seared noodles in Rochester, Minnesota. Yummers!

Where I stayed in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Not only are the rooms adorable, but they have a massage chair (that officially became my best friend for the weekend).

My hotel room. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was really nice (and relaxing, too)!

My bathroom (complete with old-fashioned tub).

Cutest hotel check-in gift ever!

My late-night burrito at Pablo's in Cedar Falls, Iowa weighed in at a whopping two pounds!

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