Monday, December 3, 2018

Football, but more importantly, sugar!

I went to my first NFL game yesterday. I can't say I really understood what was going on for several reasons: 1. I just learned what a down is in 2015. 2. Our seats were so high up, I could barely see the ball. 3. I prefer people-watching and would much rather watch the drunken, screaming fans next to me, and I also wanted to make sure they didn't throw up on me.

But, I had fun! It was wonderful that I remained vomit-free, and I also really enjoyed getting to see Ford Field for the first time.

After the game, we, unfortunately found out that Chili Mustard Onions (Detroit's all-vegan coney island, i.e., diner for all you non-Michiganders) was closed that day. Sad face. But, we did, fortunately, find our way to For the Love of Sugar, which is one of my favorite bakeries of all time! The cake we got was heavenly! We also tried the vegan pizza at Blaze Pizza, and it did not disappoint.

To be honest, I don't even remember who won the game. But, I sure as all get out remember that frosting! Priorities, you know.

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