Monday, April 29, 2019


VegFest is one of my favorite days of the whole year! No, and not just because I get to eat my weight in vegan donuts (I only spent $17 on them this year). It’s because there’s literally thousands of people who come together to learn about, promote, and discuss the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of plant-based eating.

This year, I helped table for Attorneys for Animals.

Two of AFA's awesome board members.
And I also MCed one of the presentation rooms. I was inspired by all of the speakers I saw, but I was particularly struck by one of the documentaries that was shown. Allison Argo’s “The Last Pig” is truly a stunning film (and we were also treated to a Q and A all about her process of making the film). Not only was it visually really beautiful, but it was so moving without being preachy. I was just blown away it. And I had tears in my eyes nearly throughout the whole thing.

I also got to see several friends there, which was a treat.

Representing MSU Law!
And of course...the food!

These nachos and coney dog are from the Old Shillelagh in Detroit, which now has a vegan menu!

From attending my first VegFest 15 years ago, when it was hosted at a school and there were maybe 500 people there, to seeing it hosted at a with thousands of attendees is so mind-blowing! Knowing the number of people who have embraced a more compassionate diet makes me so hopeful, and I just love every second of the festival!

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