Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing and musicals

I am happy to announce that I had my first group writing session of the year. Fellow comic, Leslie Ann Thompson, and I met at Joey's Comedy Club to drink beer, ahem, I mean, work through jokes (there was definitely some beer on hand though). I've been trying to talk about my fall 2012 trip on Greyhound on stage, and after meeting with Leslie, I think I definitely have some things to work with.

I am unhappy to announce that the folks at the Emagine Theatre had the audacity to deny my student ID from eight years ago. The nerve! I mean, seriously.

And my verdict on Les Miz? It was very well done, and the cast was quite impressive (well, minus Russell Crowe, anyway), but after an hour and a half, I was pretty bored with the singing (and this coming from someone with a BFA in theatre). Luckily, I spared the rest of the theatre and resisted the urge to sing along to "On My Own."

Unfortunately, my Honda Civic was not so lucky as I belted it out like something fierce on my way home. Good thing cars don't have ears.

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