Friday, August 25, 2017

New Mexico

After I left Duluth, I flew out west for some gigs in New Mexico. I flew into Phoenix because it was so cheap (hello, $79 airline tickets!), rented a car, and then began my drive.

Spartans are everywhere!
My first stop was playing at the Inn of the Mountain Gods in Mescalero. This is one of my favorite gigs, and it was so fun to perform there with Rick D'Elia (who I first met last year performing in Washington).

Not only did I have a great time exploring the scenery, but we thoroughly got our eat on at the buffet.

Some shots from around the casino:
The view from my room. Not too shabby, eh?

Well this puts a damper on my morning walk plans.
The next night, we drove to Bernalillo (outside of Albuquerque) to perform at the Santa Ana Star Casino. We had a great crowd, and it's always nice to hang with Big Benny, the host there.
Rick and me post-show.
And, of course, I had to shamelessly pose for some green room selfies.

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