Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving and Florida

On Thanksgiving, I got picked up from the airport and immediately got to work cooking stuffing my face. This was this year's vegan feast:

We didn't go quite as overboard as in previous years as I wasn't home for most of Thanksgiving, and I also had to catch a plane the next day and didn't want to be bloated for the entire ride.

However, this pie would've been worth it:

Friday morning, I boarded a plane to Fort Myers to work at the Laugh In Comedy Cafe. One of the coolest parts about working here is that rather than a hotel, you actually stay on a yacht!

Playing captain for the day.
I opened for my good buddy, Steve Sabo, and we had a blast!

Telling jokes or channeling spirits?
Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

After Fort Myers, I headed up to Orlando for a couple of days. I took a bus from Fort Myers to Tampa, hung out in a pretty train station (pictured below), and then took Amtrak to Orlando.

I stayed in the cutest little bed and breakfast! It was pretty, really close to downtown, and featured a complimentary cocktail hour (yes, please!). Some pictures:

I also got to pretend this was my porch for a couple days:

My room (pictured) was located in the oldest building in all of Orlando.

I may or may not have spent half my time there praying that it wasn't haunted.

It was definitely great to be in the warm weather for a few more days. When I wasn't closing my eyes and pretending not to see ghosts, I checked out downtown Orlando for a while. I'd been to Disney World before, but the downtown was new for me. I love the excitement downtowns have to offer, and the sunshine certainly made it even better!

Going back to the snow is so not going to be easy.

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