Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Week Fun

Like most people on this earth, I had a birthday this year. Mine was in August. The 14th, in case anyone wants to write that down for future reference (oh, and my favorite gifts = Bud Light and cash).

I had nearly a week long celebration, because, hey, why not take advantage of free food and free booze for as long as possible?

I started in Canada, and performed at Leo's Komedy Korner in Windsor, Ontario.

That's right - I'm an international comedian. World-renowned, if you will.

At the show with my friend, Mike. I promise I didn't pay him to wear that.

The following day, I performed with my good friend, Eric Kirkland, in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Sadly, we weren't able to eat at a BD's Mongolian BBQ (as is our tradition every time we work together), but we still had a lot of fun (and managed to sell quite a bit of merchandise).

On, Monday, I had the chance to attend a book-signing with The Humane Society of the United States' CEO, Wayne Pacelle. He spoke for nearly an hour, and was so inspiring! He reflected on the animal rights movement, gave information on recruiting new members and provided a guide for how to work to make legal and attitudinal changes. I can't wait to read his book.

That's me and my friend, Molly, trying not to look like groupies.

Molly again. This time she's demonstrative why I love Ann Arbor so much: you never know when you might run into a violin-playing wolf on a street corner.

After listening to the wolf man play for a little while, it was onto vegan cupcakes and slurpees. You know what time it is.

Molly and Brianna, who were in desperate need of more Alienaide (because, really, can one ever have enough frozen, sugary, mock alien blood?).

What? Don't you pose for pictures in parking garages. Anyone who's anyone does that.

Also on my birthday week? My bestie, Brent, came to visit. It was so wonderful to see him, especially at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, where we both started doing comedy.

Of course, we took turns posing with Roger, who owns the club.

The night before my actual birthday, I traveled to Wisconsin to perform here:

And then celebrated with my family and main squeeze...and of course my other main squeeze, Three Buck Chuck.


Right after Chairman Meow declared that all of these birthday shenanigans are beneath him.

My delicious vegan cake to celebrate my fifth birthday.

And there you have it, my 22nd birthday celebration. 'Twas lovely!