Friday, November 27, 2015


I started off my Thanksgiving by going live on Super Talk 1570 AM. My friend, Rusty, a producer and on-air talent, invited me on Super Talk's morning show so they could do a vegan Thanksgiving taste test.

I'm always eager to share tofurkey with people, and I appreciated the opportunity to speak about having a cruelty-free Thanksgiving by leaving animal products off the plate.

Ready to go live!
Rusty's first bite of tofurkey.
For the show, I made tofurkey, crispy green beans, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

I am happy to report that Rusty really dug the food!

We chatted on air for a while and took some calls from listeners (who were quite supportive).

Thanks so much to Rusty and Super Talk for having me!

I spent the rest of Thanksgiving with my mom and Dan.
We're officially in 'I hate the cold so I insist on wearing a jacket indoors at all times' season.

Oh, and this cute boy, too:

Our annual Thanksgiving staring contest.
We made the typical Thanksgiving fare (green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted asparagus and brussels sprouts, rolls, and cranberry sauce), which started as this:

And ended as this:

We also tried Field Roast for the first time, I absolutely loved it and found it to be pre-spiced to perfection. Plus, I liked the texture, which was firmer than tofu and felt more like tempeh when I bit into it.

For dessert, we had pumpkin pie and Dan's specialty: vegan ice cream chocolate pie. Basically, he makes the crust from crushed Oreo's, fills the thing with chocolate ice cream, and then tops it with chocolate sauce and pieces of dark chocolate. I'm pretty sure I went into a food coma after consuming it. Oh, but what a sweet food coma it was.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


On Friday, I went to a Halloween party. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I really have no excuses for why I didn't have a costume ready to go until the last minute. Something about working, going to law school full-time, and traveling across the country to tell jokes every weekend tended to get in the way.

So, I pulled together what I could and came up with Rosie, the Riveter. Original, I know.

Turns out some other people had the same idea. As I opened the door to the party, I was greeted by these two:

Before the party, Dan and Meg came over to get ready.

Who's attractive?
Dan glued famous Supreme Court cases to himself and went as Bear-ly Legal, a big hit at the law school party.

The party was a lot of fun, and the people there definitely put in way more effort than I did (I'm looking at you, burrito and Power Puff Girls costumes).

No idea who this dude is.

The day after the party, we pulled our hungover selves together and went to an MSU football game. I figured after going to school there for three years, I might as well squeeze in one, right?

To be honest, I don't even know who the Spartans played. I just know that there was a torrential downpour that was so not fun. I also know that one of the fans sitting next to me almost popped a blood vessel from screaming so loudly at the referee.

Turns out sunglasses also double as rain goggles.
Some other things I know: 

-I know I was more interested in the band's halftime show than in the game.

-I know I was significantly happier once it stopped raining.

-I can confidently say I now know what a down is.

-I know what to do when someone screams "go green!" in my face (apparently, I am to yell "go white!" with an equal amount of enthusiasm).

-And lastly, I know that I never want to attend another sporting event where my head gets pelted with water again.