Monday, September 21, 2015

Chicago Diner and Walk for Farmed Animals

I had a great weekend! I performed at Wisecrackers in Merrillville, Indiana. And I convinced Dan to meet up with me in Chicago. As soon as I picked him up at the train station, we immediately went to the Chicago Diner (AKA my happy place).

There, I had the vegan macaroni and cheese, and the mock chicken Caesar. Both were amazing!

Dan got the onion ring burger, and you know I had to "try" at least half of those fries.
On Sunday, we headed to Grand Rapids (where we met up with my friend, Alicia) to participate in the Walk for Farmed Animals fundraiser for Farm Sanctuary. If you're not familiar with Farm Sanctuary, I encourage you to visit: They do absolutely incredible work!

It was so inspiring to be around so many other local activists. And it was a perfect day weather-wise to walk downtown Grand Rapids. I even won a Farm Sanctuary cup at the raffle and got to try some amazing vegan desserts.