Sunday, December 31, 2017

Catching up

Wow, long time no type, eh? I almost forgot my password to even sign onto my blog.

To anyone who may still be reading, hi there! Hello! Nice to see you!

I can't believe it's been since August since I've written. I will now attempt to catch up on the last four months.

So...what have I been up to?

Well, first and foremost, Dan and I had a baby! Well, in reality, I had the baby, but he was a super awesome coach (and an even better dad).
More than Taco Bell burritos in there...although there are quite a few of those as well.
She was supposed to be born in late September (hence, my comedy hiatus), but decided to take her sweet time and not arrive until early October. She was definitely worth the wait though.

In between napping, crying, and spitting up (me, not her), I managed to get back to comedy pretty quickly. In fact, my first show back was a week after we got released from the hospital! Note to self: don't do that again.

And since all these folks I worked with were so funny and I still wasn't recovered, it literally hurt to laugh. Again, it was all worth it though.

Despite having gone out for Halloween in years past, I didn't make it out for Halloween this year. I did, however, consume nearly my weight in vegan candy.

Candy in bed. Who knows how to party?
I was also lucky enough to get some reading done backstage, see my name in lights, and hang out with my funny friends after my shows (which, after having been with a crying one-month old all day felt quite amazing).

For, Thanksgiving we celebrated in our usual 'too much vegan grub' way. And I was extra excited because my brother got to come home for the holiday. The last time I saw him on Thanksgiving was in Vegas in 2014.

Always keeping it classy at the holidays.
What would Thanksgiving be without a food pic? 
And some pies I wish I could claim were homemade.
I had more shows in December, survived "Snowmageddon," and then it was time for Christmas.

Jokerz Comedy Club in Milwaukee.
After opening for Steve Sabo in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
File this under "Why do I live in Michigan again?"

Decorations up!

And me near a tree that's not my own Charlie Brown-esque one.
So...that was my last four months. It has definitely been the most life-changing I've ever experienced!