Monday, September 26, 2016

Little Rock

After hanging out west for a couple of weeks, I headed down south to work at the Loony Bin. I had a great time working with Ben Moore and Josh Phillips. They were both so funny and so nice, too! We had some fun exploring town and doing touristy things, which made the week even better.

During the day, I went to check out the river trail and Big Dam Bridge Park.

Josh and I also checked out the River Market, which features different cuisines from all around the world. It was really vegan-friendly, and there were so many choices! Ultimately, I landed on sushi.

After exploring the market, we walked around downtown and checked out all of the cute shops and pretty parks.

A very fun weekend over all!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Standin' on the Corner

I left Las Vegas and met up with my friend Steve Sabo, the headliner for the week. We headed down to Laughlin, where we performed at the Edgewater Casino.

I also spent a lot of time in the hot tub and taking full advantage of the free buffets. Evidence:

The shows were a lot of fun, and my time in the hotel was definitely relaxing.

On Monday, we left Laughlin's 100 degree heat and headed over to Pinetop, Arizona, where we performed at the Hon-Dah Casino. 

We had a day off on Tuesday, so we decided to pass the time by drinking gigantic margaritas in New Mexico.
I thought I ordered the large?
After we recovered, we performed at the Inn of the Mountain Gods on Wednesday and at the Santa Ana Star on Thursday. Both were really fun shows! I absolutely loved our MC on Wednesday. She has a therapy dog (an adorable chihuahua named Charles Barkley). Not only does she talk about him in her act, but she also brings him on stage in a backpack. I almost exploded from the cuteness.

Oh, and check out how pretty the grounds of our hotel were!

Oops, that's not the grounds of the hotel. That's Steve Sabo drinking a post-show beer. I suppose he is pretty, too.
And why not a picture of the vegan sushi I got at the Inn of the Mountain Gods as well?

Laughing or about to take a bite? Either way, a fun night at the Santa Ana Star Casino!
Green room hangs.
During the weekend, we performed in Winslow, Arizona. Of course, we had to get touristy pictures there. We even chatted up a woman who worked in the tourist shop who we ended up convincing to come to our show. When she showed up, she had souvenirs in hand (including shot classes, postcards, and a license plate key chain with my name on it, which I have always wanted).

Taking it easy...

After the Winslow show, we drove all night to Vegas, then hopped an early morning flight back to Michigan. I pity the guy who had to sit next to me as I'm sure he endured quite a bit of mouth-breathing as I snoozed.

Until next time, Pacific Timezone...

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quick trip to Las Vegas

This week, my mom and I decided to take a quick trip to try to hit it big on the slots visit my brother.

Our first stop upon landing: the Wynn buffet (AKA the vegan promise land).

I should've taken pictures of everything I ate since it was glorious, but I don't want to 1. completely bore the three people who read this thing (Hi Mom!), and 2. admit to the ridiculous amounts of food I consumed. So, instead, here is the amazing vegan pizza I had:

No, thank you, Wynn buffet.
We were so stuffed from the buffet and tired from the day of traveling that we didn't even go out at night and were pretty much in bed by 9 pm. Do we know how to party or what?

But, the extra rest allowed us to get up bright and early and gamble. And that's exactly what we did!

You're looking at a big winner. And by big winner, I mean someone who won $5.
Look at these VIPs.
In addition to drinking beer and gambling at 10 am, we also walked around the strip and popped in some shops that had fun products like this:

After all the eating I did at the Wynn, I'm pretty sure I could've been the model to make this mold.
My brother and I also went on the roller coaster at New York New York.

Why, yes, I did scream my head off the entire time.

Oh, and I hung out with my BFF Ellen DeGeneres. NBD.

We then went to VegeNation for an early dinner.

That's the vegan chicken pot pie gnocchi. I know it kind of looks like barf, but trust me, it was amazing.

Caught in the act of taking food photos.
After two days, it was time to say our goodbyes. My mom had an early flight back to Michigan, and I met up with Steve Sabo to do some shows for the weekend. I wish our trip could have been longer!

Onto Laughlin for comedy, free buffets, and, hopefully, more "big" wins on the slots!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bridge Walk, Castles, and Pizza!

When I got back to Michigan, Dan and I decided to go on the Owosso Bridge Walk.

It was so pretty!

We started at the walk at the Curwood Castle (AKA our summer home).

We ended at the walk at the Corunna Historical Village.

All aboard!
After our walk, I figured since we burned 35 calories, we might as well eat at least 800. So, we made vegan chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

And for dinner, homemade, my-diet-starts-tomorrow vegan pizza and coleslaw.

As you can imagine, the night ended in a food coma.