Wednesday, January 30, 2013

America's Got Talent

A few days ago, my friend (and fellow comic) Keith Lenart, told me that America's Got Talent was holding a mass audition in Chicago.  Since it was on the way home from Decatur, I thought, "why the heck not at least stop by?"

So that is indeed what I did.

I picked up my number.

Filled out a bit of paperwork, and headed into the room filled with hundreds of other performers.

Once in there, I quickly realized the show should be renamed America's Got a Craptop of People Who Think They Can Sing.  I felt like I was at a giant Glee audition...that is, if everyone trying-out was a junior high school choir-reject. 

I did see some interesting performers though: a four-year-old break dancer (who was so cute that I actually contemplated kidnapped him), a giant cat puppet that coughed up a giant hairball, acrobats, a Michael Jackson impersonator (who kind of resembled an old, creepy child molester; perhaps he had similar feelings with regard to the break dancer) and a sword-juggler.

I waited for nearly five hours before I got my 90 seconds in front of the producer.  In that time, I ran into several comics I know (the always funny and super nice, Warren B. Hall, who you can see in the above picture, up-and-coming comic Nate Armbruster and as previously mentioned, Keith).  So while the wait was long, we definitely kept ourselves entertained (mostly by playing the game "which one of these 'talents' would you least want to be stuck in a room with?").

When I finally got my chance in front of the producer, I think it went well in that I had a good set and he laughed at my jokes.  But, who knows with these things?  I mentioned both an STD and crystal meth during my set, so I'm not sure that my act is exactly tv-friendly. 

Overall, it was a fun experience, and if I get a call-back, great. And if not, at least I can say I've seen a toddler who can do the worm

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Performing at an airport for the first time

This weekend, in Decatur, Illinois, I performed at an airport for the first time. It was significantly better than playing at a Greyhound Bus Station because the Decatur crowd actually had teeth.  Okay, so I haven't really performed at a Greyhound Bus Station (not unless you count hiding from crazy people as performing), but I did take a three week bus trip this past fall, which you can read about here.

Hanging in the green room/boarding area.  To pass time before the show, I didn't know whether to go over my notes or go through the body scanner. 

I ended up having such a great time at the show!  Working with Floyd and Brian is always fun, and Chris and the rest of the staff at the Main Hangar couldn't have been nicer!  They even hooked me up with this to-die-for vegan pizza (P.S. If you're ever in Decatur, go see the folks at the Main Hangar!  The food is amazing!  Tell 'em Kate Brindle sent you.  That probably won't get you anything, except a quizzical look and a "Kate who?," but tell 'em anyway). 

It was definitely cold there.  This was the Main Hangar's front door (note to self: secure bookings in Florida immediately):

But, I managed to warm myself up by running at 121 Fitness.
A liquor store next to the gym? Illinois makes it so easy to "rehydrate" after a workout. Tequila = the new Gatorade.

Not only was the food great, but the Main Hangar had sold out shows both nights!  And to make things even better, Bud Light sponsored the show!  If there's one thing about Kate Brindle, it's that she loves Bud Light.  So it was quite nice to always have a bottle in at least one of my hands. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My year has been made!

Imagine my delight, when I saw this:

For those of you who don't know, I am an NKOTB fanatic!  I've loved these guys for 24 years, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.  Evidence of my obsession:

-I've driven over 12 hours to attend a concert.
-I've worked my magic (ahem: begged, pleaded and internet-stalked) to meet my favorite kid, Joey McIntyre, five times.
-I've dropped money to go on their cruise.
-I have framed pictures of them in my living room (and bedroom).
-I may or may not have made everyone I've dated learn their dance moves.

Last night, I even had a dream about them after I heard about the View announcement.  But, given my luck, it wasn't a dream where I got to do something cool, like, oh, I don't know, hang out with them.  Nope, I was a video editor who had the task of telling the director that I found their video concept strange.

Fingers crossed that in my next one, we're actually in the same room together.

So in honor of their announcement, here are some pictures of my obsession throughout the years:

A red-haired me after I internet-stalked my way into meeting Joey McIntyre for the first time. New York City, 1998.

When we met again in 2007.

Before a concert in Missouri in 2008.

 Showing off my NKOTB buttons and shirt after a 2009 concert in Richmond, Virginia.

2009 concert in Richmond, Virginia.

At the 2009 Virginia Beach meet and greet (I'm in the back, by the "C" in service).

Wet from the rain, but still super pumped to be in the FRONT ROW!

NKOTB cruise 2010.

Petting them on the 2010 NKOTB cruise. I desperately need one of those cardboard cut-outs for my house.

More cruise.

Meeting yet again (this time with my mom) on the cruise.

Stopping at the gas station before heading to a 2011 Detroit concert.

Yes, I wear my NKOTB shirt in public (quite frequently, actually). For you foodies out there, that's vegan mac and "cheese" with broccoli.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty sure my next move is to return soda cans

Ah, the glamourous of a full-time comic.

On the bright side, I could buy 27 packs of Ramen noodles.

Auto Show Shuffle 5K

A few weeks ago, I had the brilliant (read: foolish) idea to sign-up for a 5K.  In January.  In Michigan.  Outside.  Keep in mind, this is what Michigan usually looks like in January:

We got slightly lucky in that the temperature was in the 30's instead of the -70's (not that the 30's is lucky, but when you live in a state that resembles an icebox for a good six months per year, you take what you can get).  However, the wind did not cooperate at all.  It blew at us with a cartoonish-like force (I seriously felt like I was running in place because I could barely move with all of the wind coming straight at my body), and I probably sounded like I was hyperventilating.  But, we pushed through and made it to the finish line.  And...with these results:

-Drew got fourth in his age group!
-I had a PR!

Some pictures (and a video at the end, for those of you who enjoy motion versions of under-eye bags and people nearly freezing to death):

All my gear.

Never miss an opportunity to wear pro-animal socks!

Feigning excitement over running in the winter. This is my "I love wearing 15 layers and still feeling freezing" face.

Trying not to look completely frozen.
Shots from along the course.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing and musicals

I am happy to announce that I had my first group writing session of the year. Fellow comic, Leslie Ann Thompson, and I met at Joey's Comedy Club to drink beer, ahem, I mean, work through jokes (there was definitely some beer on hand though). I've been trying to talk about my fall 2012 trip on Greyhound on stage, and after meeting with Leslie, I think I definitely have some things to work with.

I am unhappy to announce that the folks at the Emagine Theatre had the audacity to deny my student ID from eight years ago. The nerve! I mean, seriously.

And my verdict on Les Miz? It was very well done, and the cast was quite impressive (well, minus Russell Crowe, anyway), but after an hour and a half, I was pretty bored with the singing (and this coming from someone with a BFA in theatre). Luckily, I spared the rest of the theatre and resisted the urge to sing along to "On My Own."

Unfortunately, my Honda Civic was not so lucky as I belted it out like something fierce on my way home. Good thing cars don't have ears.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Totally Pauly

Last week, I got to open for Pauly Shore at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Michigan.  It was such a wonderful venue, and the staff took such great care of us!  I really enjoyed watching Pauly's act, too.  I had no idea what to expect (would he just say "hey, bu-uddy" the whole time?, would he share behind-the-scenes celeb gossip? just quote his films?) from his show.  What I found was a deeply personal, raw, real and very funny account of his life.  I was definitely impressed!

Some pictures:

That's me, Pauly (duh) and his opener, Sandy Danto (who is hilarious, very nice and a Michigan native - a nice little trifecta, if you ask me).  

Food in the green room.  Ah, the perks of working with famous people.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Five miles!

I ran five miles at the gym today (a first for me)! Shout out to the guy on the treadmill next to me with excessive BO. You, sir, made me run faster than I thought possible (just to get away from you).

New hair

Went back to being blonder. Before and after hair.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Houghton, Michigan

I headed up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for the second time in a month (apparently, I'm on the crappy weather world tour).  This time, I got lucky and didn't hit much snow.

I worked with the very funny Mike Merryfield, and one of my friends from the Detroit area happened to be staying at the same hotel so he came to check out the show.  I also discovered that the venue had not only an exercise room, but a tanning bed.  As you can imagine, I never wanted to leave.  And in fact, I didn't leave at all on Saturday.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with subjects of the human variety.  But, here are the shots I did take (including the tanning bed in all its glory).