Monday, April 20, 2015

VegFest 2015

After missing last year due to law school finals, I once again got to attend VegFest. Seeing this event grow from a tiny gathering at a local school to the largest one-day event of its kind in the entire United States (that now takes place in a convention center) has been nothing short of incredible.

My mom and I were pumped to go!

We listened to the incredible Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary speak. His message of kindness and compassion (without being pushy or negative) left me feeling hopeful and inspired. I cried at moments of his talk, but exited feeling re-energized in a way I hadn't in a while.

 Another reminder of why adopting a plant-based diet can help eliminate animal cruelty:

I also got to catch up with so many of my activist and vegan friends. It was like a reunion of sorts, which also including meeting new animal advocates.

 Me with my favorite carrot in our annual picture (that's our shot from 2012 on the left).

And, we met this gal, too.

Isn't my mom the cutest?

Of course, we had to try some food, too. I have no idea what this first picture is other than to say it was from Tumerican, and it was flippin' amazing!

Good ting I wore a dress with an elastic weight because I took full advantage of all the vegan goodies.