Monday, October 6, 2014

Making masterpieces

I went to my first ever Paint Nite last weekend. This is one of the many activities (like running 5K's) people have recently discovered are much more fun if they involve alcohol. So, my mom and I decided to give painting and drinking a whirl. I was pretty pumped about the wine, and honestly, I would have been fine with finger painting provided it offered the same amounts of wine.

This was what we were supposed to create:
Yeah, not so much.

Contemplating drinking more shots, turning my picture into a Jackson Pollock knock-off, and calling it a night.

Us with our masterpieces, and by masterpieces, I mean something an eight year-old could have made.

Paint Nite was surprisingly fun. Despite having no artistic ability (see evidence above), it was an amazing way to get my mind off of the stresses of law school and the stresses of life in general (like, how do you manage to get both food and toilet paper when your fridge is empty and you're still in your pajamas? Answer: go to Taco Bell and ask for copious amounts of napkins. You're welcome.).

I was quite proud of the following:
  • I never once mistook the water cup I used for cleaning my paintbrushes for my beverage. This despite the dirty paint cup being red and in very close proximity to my right hand.
  • I did not get any paint on myself.
  • I also managed to keep it off of my neighbors.
  • My reaffirmed faith in my ability to multi-task. That's right, you're looking at reading someone who can simultaneously eat chips and salsa and make green from primary colors.
And, after mine dried, I even hung it up.