Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vegas! And even more VLOGGING!

This weekend was just what I needed! I was craving some serious sun, and I also wanted to see my brother since I hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving. Since I was lucky enough to get booked into some gigs in Nevada and Arizona, I packed my bags and flew to Las Vegas (where he lives).

My trip started off with a trip to the oh-so-delicious VegeNation. My brother had vegan quesadillas, and I had the mock chicken gnocchi pot pie. Both were pretty amazing!

We walked around downtown for a bit before I met up with Keith Lenart, and we headed to Laughlin, Nevada for our gigs at the Edgewater.

I always dig playing the Edgewater. The shows are fun, the casino is right on the water, and they give way too many free buffet coupons.

On Saturday night, we had the night off, so we drove back to Vegas to see Lionel Richie, who was absolutely fantastic. Keith even got us an upgrade on our seats, so we got to feel like VIPs for the night.

After the concert, we hung out with a couple of other comisc who live in Vegas. This is us with Geechy Guy having a little Michigan comedy reunion at a karaoke bar in Henderson.

After our show on Sunday, we got to see a great ABBA tribute band, ABBAcadabra (and we even got to hang out with them after the show).

On Monday, before our show in Pinetop, Arizona, we took an impromptu trip to the Grand Canyon since I had never been. We were running late, so we only had 15 minutes, and since I wasn't prepared, I'm pretty sure I was the only one wearing flip flops. But, it was still absolutely breath-taking. Unfortunately, my camera crapped out on me, but I did get a couple of shots. And I made a quick mental note that I must return soon.

Proof I was there.

Oh, and I also vlogged my adventures, so if you'd like to watch, it's here. I apologize in advance for the complete overuse of 80s-esque electronic music for the first minute or so.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Performing in Minnesota and more VLOGGING!

This past weekend, I got to see the new Goonies in Rochester, Minnesota. For a long time, Goonies was one of my favorite clubs. I was so bummed when they closed, but so excited when they reopened!

The drive there was pretty uneventful. The weather and traffic both cooperated. So, yay!

The weekend was super fun. I worked with the hilarious Grant Lyon, and I got to stay in a nice extended stay hotel.

The "just like home" theater at my hotel. I'm pretty sure if it were truly just like home, it would be a 12 inch tv/dvd combo with no access to the internet. 
I didn't take too many pictures, but I did do my second vlog! Forgive my shaky camera and unforgiving light.

The drive home was quite another story. I feel like that's the way it works in the winter: one leg of the drive will be perfect, and then to balance it out, the other way will be the worst, fear-for-your-life weather you've ever experienced.

And that's exactly what happened! It took me five additional hours to make the trek home! I had planned to get home in time for the Super Bowl. Not so much for the game (honestly, I had no idea who was even playing in the darn thing), but I wanted to watch the commercials and half-time show, oh, and eat all of the amazing food Dan whipped up.

But, alas, I had to settle for watching Pink sing the National Anthem on YouTube and eating left-overs. At least I got home in one piece.