Friday, March 26, 2010

What happens in Vegas...makes a nice, cliche title for this blog entry

At the beginning of February, I took my first vacation in a year (save some brief trips to visit family or stalk the New Kids on the Block).

Since Spirit Airlines has mega-cheap flights to Vegas, I figured why not? I am happy to report that I only lost $3.00 on gambling the entire time I was there. I lost significantly more at the bar, but we won’t go into that.

The trip consisted mostly of walking up and down the strip (with alcohol in hand, of course), catching a show, tracking down Elvis impersonators (this is a must, no?) and reveling in the warm weather (I do believe 50 degrees constitutes flip-flop climate).

The key to making a 4 1/2 hour flight go by quickly? A Snuggie...and Spirit's cheap beer specials!

On the plane. Let the alcoholism commence!

Where I snored and drooled for four nights.

For $28.00, you too can stay in a palace.

Why, yes, I did pay entirely too much to drink out of the Eiffel Tower. So glad we Americanized Paris with slot machines, buffets and huge amounts of liquor.

This pretty much sums up my trip: casinos, booze and posing for corny pictures.

Shocked or excited by women in lingerie? You be the judge.

The Planet Hollywood Buffet. Bad idea.

Post-buffet food coma.

Sammy Hagar makes tequila. For $53, a bartender will combine it with 100 ounces of blue slurpee, and put the whole mess in a plastic guitar. This should be illegal.

Tuning or reliving my college days?

Hangover in the making.

The Paris Casino. Pretty self-explanatory.

More Paris.

Senior portrait reenactment at the Bellagio.

Plant-life makes Todd smile.

Epitome of maturity outside of Caesar’s Palace.

Part of the strip at night.

More Paris.

A view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Unless you like feeling as though you might plummet to your death in an elevator, I don’t recommend going up. The view was pretty though.

Who is this creep?

The Venetian…and some random dude who walked through my picture.

More Venetian.

The Venetian's ceiling.

The Venetian's ceiling along with our mugs. Woot for cameras with self-timers.

Posing with fake people.

Just like actual Venice, except with way more gluttony, souvenirs and fanny packs.

Inside the Venetian.

During the trip, I went to the Wynn for the first time. Fancy schmancy pants!

Todd getting his brain sucked out at the oxygen bar.

Taking an oxygen hit, getting a massage from a gadget that resembled an ipod and having endorphins delivered to my brain via a vibrating coat hanger. Holy wow!

Serious flippin’ dork.

Todd displays his big win. Don't spend that 9 cents all in one place!

Another shot of the strip.

Allow me to repeat myself: serious flippin’ dork. This time outside of the Luxor.

The very last day, I finally found Elvis. What would a trip to Vegas be without him?

Not sure that this is going to happen at the casino, but still a cool sign. And one of my favorite words.

A fun trip overall, but I think I’ve had my fill of overindulgence for at least a month or two. Who knows though? By April, I might be ready to go back and play blackjack while being force-fed shots, vegan mashed potatoes and dark chocolate, while simultaneously being hooked up to a cocaine drip and getting a foot massage.

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