Monday, December 2, 2013

Adventures in Minnesota and Texas

I had a week off from law school for Thanksgiving, so after heading to Minnesota for my gig, I decided to hop a plane to Houston, Texas to study stuff my face with traditional vegan Thanksgiving food.  Who am I kidding? I totally stuffed my face in Minnesota, too. P.S. Despite what it might seem like, I really did do more this week than just eat (albeit not much).

I took MegaBus to Minneapolis because I got my ticket for $2.50.  Then, I picked up the cutest rental car in the entire world:
Sure, it nearly blew off the highway, but dang, it was adorable.

Aw, look, they even put Michigan plates on it to make me feel welcome.

I worked at Dangerfield's in Shokapee (say that three times fast) with the awesome David Nickerson, and we pretty much had a ball all weekend.  And when I say had a ball, I mean we lost money at the casino and stuffed our faces with dairy-free frozen yogurt. We also had some beer-fueled political debates...all of which I won, of course. :)
This cup was life-changing. 14 degree weather is no match for my sugar cravings. 

Seriously though, I felt like I was working with an old buddy even though we had just met.

This is us awkwardly resembling a family photo after our show.

Then, on Sunday, I woke up early and flew to Houston. Best part of my flight? The screaming baby who wailed the entire way there. Note sarcasm here. Not once did the parents even try to entertain the child. What they did do was bust out a pair of earplugs for themselves. Too bad they didn't share them with the rest of the plane.

Other than that, my flight was fairly nice, and I even sweet-talked my way into an aisle seat on an exit row. 

When I landed, I was greeted by this guy:

Throughout the week, he showed me his campus (he's a PhD student at Rice University, and his building is pictured above) and introduced me to his friends from his program. They could not have been nicer.  And get this: they have a bar on campus (and it's non-profit, so beer was only $1).  Let's just say that if I went to Rice, I would become a lush in all of about two weeks days.

Drew also took me to have vegan cinnamon rolls and wine:

And on Tuesday, we had a "friendgiving" vegan feast with our friends, Larry and Jade (both of whom live with Drew).  It was great to see them, and we thoroughly gorged ourselves as we watched episodes of the Nick Kroll Show and busted out into giggles.  On the menu:

-green bean casserole
-pumpkin pie

I promise it looked a lot less brown sloppish in person (and it tasted amazing)!

On my last night in town, we went out for crepes and then watched the documentary, Central Park Five.  If you haven't see it, please do.  And if you haven't had a vegan crepe, you really must do that, too. Some pictures from our crepe-venture:

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