Thursday, December 26, 2013


I had a lovely Christmas, and to those who celebrate it, I hope you did as well.

It was nice to spend a couple days with family without thinking about studying for finals. However, because I spent the end of November/beginning of December studying for finals, that left A LOT of last minute Christmas shopping.  Luckily, the lines weren't terrible, and I didn't have to fight anyone for the last (insert name of a popular, in-demand item here).

Anyway, some pictures of the festivities (which would not be complete without food pictures, of course):

Meet vegan spinach artichoke dip (AKA my new reason for living):

These may or may not be the reason I gained 7 pounds over the holidays.

Why, yes, that is a dryer.  Leave it to my family to turn anything into a bar.

Keeping it classy on my trip to the laundry room.

My dinner plate:
And, now, onto the family pics:

Wyatt looking quite dapper.

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